Meet the team

Our amazing team that makes Chilmand Chemicals one of the leading suppliers of water purification solutions  

To ensure that the above-mentioned goals are achieved the company is led by a vibrant management team, headed by the Managing Director. The management team is responsible for the day to day running of the company.

We have a diversified team of qualified personnel ranging from Chemical Engineers, Mechanical, Civil and Electronic Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Marketers, Safety Health and Environmental Specialists, Human Resources, Procurement and other specialists.

Chilmand Chemicals
Jeffrey Mazonde
General Manager
Chilmand Chemicals
Oswell Matore
Finance & Amin Manager
Chilmand Chemicals
Nicholas Bhero
Business development manager
Chilmand Chemicals
Toreveyi Kandemiviri
Maintenance & production manager
Chilmand Chemicals
Leo Zulu
Research & Compliance manager
Chilmand Chemicals
Tarwirwa Munzvengi
Project engineer
Chilmand Chemicals
Faith Chiwanda
Human Resources 
Chilmand Chemicals
Darlington Kanonhuwa
Quality Assurance officer
Chilmand Chemicals
Allen Mukwasi
Chilmand Chemicals
Tatenda. C Chigondo
Loss control
Chilmand Chemicals
Tonderai Dengwa
Supply chain officer

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